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How can the Gourmet Society benefit my restaurant?

If you would like your restaurant to receive more business for free, we can help. By promoting your restaurant to food lovers throughout the UK and Ireland, we can help you fill your tables with good quality customers at no charge to yourself.

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No costs

It's absolutely free! As a dining club, we do not make any money from restaurants. Instead, we charge individuals and companies who join the Gourmet Society for a 12 months period. We therefore cover all printing and advertising costs.


Full tables

By promoting your restaurant to professionals and people throughout the UK who eat out in restaurants, we can offer to help fill your tables with good quality customers on your quieter periods at no charge.



We will feature your restaurant on our website, mobile apps and in our full colour glossy directory. All for free. Initially we will also let our members know about you via e-newsletters, once again for free.



The Gourmet Society works because it brings genuine new business to restaurants. 84% of Gourmet Society members have visited a restaurant for the first time, simply because it was a Gourmet Society partner restaurant.